Contact Center Software:


True First Hello Technology:

True First Hello Technology allows you to hear most of the word "hello" when a prospect answers your telephone call. If a woman answers the call your agent can begin the call with "Hi, Mrs. Smith?" or, "Hello, Diane..." depending upon the situation. Without our exclusive True First Hello Technology your marketer does not know if they are speaking to Diane, her husband or her teenage son so they have to say something like "Hi, can I speak with Mr. or Mrs. Smith?". If you greet your prospects with the typical 2 seconds of dead air then 10% or more of your prospects are hanging up on your agents or greeting them like a bill collector. Many of our clients are asset recovery companies but even their agents don't get greeted like bill collectors using our system.


Digital Voice Recording:

If you select the optional feature of digital voice recording you can record all of your telephone calls automatically or only the calls you want to record.  Our contact center solution does not require additional hardware to record telephone calls.


Monitor agent with silent, coach or barge in:

Monitor silently and neither your agent or prospect can even notice you are on the phone. Totally silent!  Barge in and you are speaking with both your agent and customer.  While coaching allows your agent to hear you talk through the call without the customer ever knowing you are there.  All of our monitoring features can be used on-site or remotely.


Advanced Survey, branched and logical scripting ability:

Contact Center Online's dialing systems allows scripting to be designed around surveys based on different types of quotas and random digit dialing. Questions can vary in type and format, such as open-ended or choose the best statement. The survey package includes options such as the standard decision trees, survey screening, rotating questions, and split samples. You can also create logical scripting for true/false questions that lead to corresponding scripting. This option allows custom scripting for inbound calling as well.


Digital Voice Recording:

You can record all of your telephone calls automatically or only the calls you want to record. Our contact center solution does not require additional hardware to record telephone calls.


Multiple Campaign Capability:

You can run multiple campaigns at the same time.  Inbound, outbound or blended.



By Law a predictive dialer has to stay within a 3% abandonment rate and must play a prerecorded message for each abandoned call.


Remote agents:

Agents can work from any location and only require a computer, headset and internet connetion.  Remote agents require an additional hardware purchase.


Internal agent voice & data transfer:

Agents can transfer the telephone call and customer data to another representative using our software.  The original agent can then exit the telephone call at any time to return to dialing while the other parties remain on the telephone call.  Internal voice and transfer only utilize one single telephone line for all interactions.


Adjustable Caller Id:

You can select the Name & Telephone Number you would like to display on your customers caller identification.  You can select one number and keep it the same, change it as often as you would like to have it change automatically based upon the client or campaign you are calling for. 


Robodialer, autodialer, voice blast, pre-recorded message delivery:

This feature allows administrators to broadcast a pre-recorded message on as many lines as are designated, giving the customer the option to press a certain number to be transferred to an agent. The script can also be setup to just play through a message with no option for transfer as well as record and get reporting on any number or numbers pressed by the customer for polling or informational purposes. Another option on the Autodialer feature is time based conditioning where the dialer can be programmed to run during off hours or play a different message depending on the time of day. 


DNC List Scrub:

All of our call center systems are fully compliant with the rules and regulations set forth by the FTC and FCC regarding the National Do Not Call Registry & outbound telemarketing. Following the National Do Not Call Registry is as easy as downloading the do not call phone numbers into your dialer and clicking one simple button. No more sifting through lead lists and manually removing phone numbers.


Predictive Dialing:

A predictive dialer has more telephone lines than agents & uses a complex mathematical formula to "predict" when the agents are going to be available.  Many hosted dialers are NOT predictive dialers.  They are lesser power dialers.


Advanced Scheduling Package:

When an agent schedules a call-back a calendar, clock & notes section will appear.  Next your agent will select what time & day to call your prospect back then type any notes into the system.  When it's time for your prospect to be called again your agent will have a chance to review their notes and the prospect's information before pressing the <DIAL> button to place the call.


Automatic Fax and Email Capable:

Send contracts, quotes, additional information or any other chosen materials per fax or email.  You can choose to send an email or fax automatically at the end of any specific disposition or at the agent's request.  You can have emails pull information on your prospect to personalize them to each specific customer including:  email address, call outcome or disposition, customer name & address, etc.  If you don't already have your customer's email address or fax number then simply add a request to your agent's script and your dialing system does the rest.

User-Friendly Agent Interface:

Agents learn how to use our dialing system in 5 minutes or less which can help reduce employee stress & anxiety while increasing their job satisfaction and overall productivity.  You will never have another agent quit or choose not to work  for your center because the equipment is difficult for them to use.

Employee scorecard:

While your supervisors are listening to an agent through our silent, coach or barge in they can access an employee scorecard to rate each agent's strengths & weaknesses.  Scorecards are maintained within your dialing system to assist with proper employee reviews.


Our contact center software has been evolving since 2003 & has been dialing live in call centers since 2005.  We have customers in about every industry you can imagine and one thing we have learned is that no single software package can fit the needs of every client.  Not even ours...  If your contact center has specific needs not met by our current platform then let us know.  We may not even charge you for the development time.  Please fill out our information request form or give us a telephone call at:  620.960.8230.



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