More features.

Click-to-Call, Preview, Power and Progressive Dialing:

These optional dialing types are available with our standard system.



Allows your agents to conference another telephone number or agent into the telephone call.  Your agent can stay on the call until it's finished or remove themselves from the conversation and return to dialing.


Horse Racing:

You can display a giant screen showing a horse race where each of your agent's have their own horse.  Each time an agent gets a favorable outcome from a call their horse will move forward based on performance meters that you set.  You have complete control over the metrics used in the race that allow you to allow larger sales or donations to move their horse forward more spaces, stop the race at a pre-set time or at a pre-determined amount of spaces moved.


Hot Key Dispositioning:

At the end of each telephone call you want to know the outcome of that telephone call.  Your agents will presss their <F1 >- <F8> keys for single-touch call dispositioning.  Each hot key and it's definition are listed at the bottom of your agents screen for easy reference.  Our customers report wrap-up times of less than one second per call versus over 10 seconds with other dialing systems. Hot key dispositioning alone will allow your agents to speak with 21 more prospects in a typical 8 hour day while helping to simplify your training process for new agents.


Advanced Time Zone module:

Time Zone module allows you to select both a start and stop time for Time Zones. For example, if the best time to call is between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM in each time zone, then you would set the system to start calling all Time Zones at 5:30 PM and quit calling each Time Zone at 8:30 PM. Now you can call the entire United States and only call people when you know they will be at home and answering their phones.


Hot-key single touch call dispositioning:

At the end of each call your agent needs to tell the dialer what the call's outcome was so it knows if and when to call the prospect back.  This only requires one key stroke by pressing the corresponding <F> key.  They are instantly ready to accept another call.


Hot-key Recorded Message Playback:

This allows administrators and supervisors to assign a recorded message to an agent’s hotkeys. An agent can play this pre-recorded message when a call connects or whenever the agent chooses such as when an answering machine beeps. This feature will also disposition the call and put the agent back in queue at the same time.


Advanced Reporting Module:

Allows you to get reports on your agents individually or as a group for better call center management.  When you view your statistics and reporting you can choose between viewing them as averages shown in % or by viewing them as exact numbers.  All of the following reporting statistics and more are calculated on all of our call center systems:   time between calls, call wrap-up time, call outcome or disposition, how many disconnected numbers were dialed, how many answering machines were reached, call length, lead penetratio & live transfer rate.

Dialing Plan by Quota:

Allows administrators to control the dialer based on quotas by lead fields, dispositions, script answers, etc. For example, you can program a dialing plan to get 20 sales in zip code 90201 and then move onto 90202 and get 30 sales. The dialer will do this automatically without the need for supervision.


Dial by Lead list Query:

This feature allows administrators to specify a certain criteria to narrow down the scope of dialing within a list by choosing to dial by any criteria from your lead list. For example, administrators could set a query within a list to call people only in area code 913 within that list, or only call homeowners with an annual income of over $100,000 per year.

Alternative Lead Selection:

This feature allows agents to choose a different lead in a drop down menu if several leads have the same phone number. All leads with the same number are shown in the drop down menu on the agent’s screen to allow the agent to choose a different lead. The lead chosen will populate the appropriate information into the active script.

Our contact center software has been evolving since 2003 & has been used by call centers since 2005.  We have customers in about every industry you can imagine and one thing we have learned is that no single software package can fit the needs of every client.  Even ours...  If your contact center has specific needs not me by our current platform that will benefit other clients then we may not even charge you.  Please fill out our information request form or give us a telephone call at:  620.960.8230.



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