Accessories & installation.


You will need one USB Headset for each agent using our dialing system $45.00 for a nice noice cancelling headset or $140.00 to buy our best model.  As low as $2.00 per month.



You will need one Windows-based computer for each agent, supervisor or administrator using the system. Use your current computers or purchase from us. Refurbished starting at $200 each with 17" LCD monitor, keyboard & mouse.


We suggest Cat 5e or Cat 6 ethernet cables.  Plug one end of a cable into each computer & the other into your network switch. Installation is complete! Less than $8.00 to buy our best flat 20' CAT6 ethernet cable.


Network Switch

A network switch will connect your dialing system together or connect your agents to the internet with our online service. A network switch is a vital yet relativity inexpensive piece of hardware as low as $10.00 per agent to buy.


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