In-cloud or on-site...

  • Secure your database by keeping it on-site or in the cloud

  • Lower internet consumption & increase system performance

  • Eliminate voice delay with our First Hello Technology

  • Order today, dial tomorrow

  • Easy to use software designed by contact center professionals

  • Unprecedented reporting, tracking and agent supervision

  • Initiates sales agent call-backs and records their conversation

  • Work hand in hand with your CRM or business software

Industry leader since 2005!

Our software pioneered Ture First Hello Technology for predictive dialers in 2005 while increasing sales per lead by 10%+. Rent on-site or online today! Take a look at some of our advanced software features.  620.960.8230

Dialers, dialer

Better solution=Greater success.

Sure you could use a different solution.  But why would you?  Enjoy a quicker connection & cleaner voice quality. Our system has been created by call center professionals for call center professionals.

First Hello dialers

How about a 30 day test drive?

Test our complete call center software solution live in your call center for only $999.00! If you are not 100% satisfied simply send it back to us. Online or remote dialing systems are available. Free trial for online systems.

Dialers, dialer


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